Domino Pyttel

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contemporary artist


born in Germany

2017 I Diploma, Academy of Fine Arts Munich (“Meisterschülerin”), Class of Hermann Pitz and Stephan Huber


Nir Altman Gallery I York Art Gallery I GALERIE DER KÜNSTLER*INNEN I Istanbul Experimental I

Kunstarkaden München I Akademiegalerie München I

RODEO Festival I Aa Collections Wien I

Kunstpavillon München I Galerie FOE I Kunstraum

Walcheturm Zürich I Platform München I Rosa Stern Space I

DG Kunstraum I Saloon Munich a.o.


„GREAT TIMES“, ISBN: 978-3-945337-15-8 2018



Domino Pyttel's artistic practice is narrative.

Her illustrations, objects and performances are inspired by pop culture, religious moods, collective emotional states and nature.

She quotes the biblical story of creation as well as the scientific theory of evolution and how we, as humans, can not find our place and meaning in either one.

A recurring topic is nature as a threat:

often the plant world rears up menacingly to take revenge on humanity and its destructive behavior.

Domino Pyttel’s artwork consistently prompts reflection on mankind's irresponsible and foolish treatment of its planet, and how we lost ourselves in a mania for growth, progress and 'success'.

Historical Icons, myths and prophecies such as Armageddon in the bible are depicted playfully, often with a cheesy and whimsical touch. The undeniable gravity of the issues is still evident, but fades into the background by the exaggerated aesthetics.



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Domino Pyttel

Baumstraße 8b / Klenzestraße 85

80469 Munich / Germany

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